Partner Model

A strategic network development partner

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Metro Optic is a strategic network development partner. We deliver customized, high capacity fiber networks and services to our customers, and often co-invest in strategic fiber routes.

Our customers face complex decisions regarding route design, costing, time-to-market, access to datacenters and cloud platforms, permitting and regulatory approvals, etc. We sit down with our customers and assist in developing customized go-to-market strategies and a comprehensive execution plan.

Our Edge

  • Custom made solutions for you: As a team, we design & develop high capacity network solutions together, leveraging existing networks and/or building new routes.

  • We provide turn-key network solutions for dark and lit services

  • Access to and extension of existing routes for dark and lit services

  • Presence today at all important datacenters and inter-connection sites in Montreal & Toronto

  • Development of strategic objectives: capacity, diversity, access to DCs and Public Clouds, etc.

  • Development of financial partnership model

  • Design and engineering of route

  • Act as General Contractor for the custom-build of the route

Our Customers

  • Global Cloud service providers
  • Telecom carriers
  • Government agencies
  • Fortune-1000 companies
  • Rapidly growing digital service and content providers