Meet The Team:Alexis Lord-Paton

10 May 2024

1. What's your role at Metro Optic and what's a typical day like ?

In my role as Account Director for carrier relations and service providers, I oversee a range of responsibilities aimed at fostering seamless partnerships and operations with other carriers or telecom service providers.

2. What attracted you to the telecommunications sector ?

Drawing from my background in PR and Communication, I firmly believe that effective communication is indispensable to the success of any business endeavor. Within the telecom industry, networks serve as the essential infrastructure underpinning global communication. Whether facilitating voice calls, video conferences, instant messaging, or social media interactions, these networks seamlessly connect individuals across vast distances. In doing so, they not only promote collaboration but also cultivate stronger relationships, playing a pivotal role in driving organizational efficiency and fostering innovation.

3. What makes Metro Optic unique in the telecommunications industry ?

We pride ourselves on our small yet highly adaptable team, capable of swiftly meeting our partners' needs. As builders of Fiber infrastructure, we empower global connectivity and communication. In an era where connectivity is no longer a luxury but a fundamental requirement, it's crucial to acknowledge the indispensable role that the telecom industry plays in shaping both our society and economy.

4.Outside work, what are your hobbies or interests ?

Revamping homes and nurturing landscapes. I thrive on hands-on work and relish the great outdoors. And when it comes to indulgence, nothing beats savoring Italian cuisine and immersing myself in its rich culture.

5.How do you keep abreast of industry trends and developments ?

After 4 years in the telecom industry, I’ve been lucky to listen to our partners in what they need and that has helped me understand what trends are leading our business. Additionally, I make sure to regularly read telecom-focused news and attend conferences and events that enrich my knowledge.