Datacenter Highways

Metro Optic “IS” Datacenter Connectivity, independent of where you host and interconnect

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We provide our customers access to the leading datacenters in Canada - the epicenters of digital commerce and traffic.
On brand-new, high-capacity, diverse fiber.

Our Edge

  • We are datacenter neutral. We provide the vital connections – for your compute, cloud and interconnection needs – on one network and on one contract

  • Massive fiber links, lit by state-of-the-art optics, reaching the Meet-me-Rooms of the leading datacenter providers directly

  • Access to world-class Public Cloud on-ramps and leading global carriers

  • 24 hour responsiveness – accountability matters … when it matters to you.

  • Consultative approach – engage with our network designers and engineers as well as our business planning team to align your network capabilities with your business requirements


Hyperscale fiber network that reaches all major datacenters and interconnection sites in Montreal and Toronto. Vancouver coming online in 2021.

List of Datacenters

Strategic Infrastructure on Canada’s information super highway

We are developing a brand new high-capacity diverse fibre optic cable system between Toronto and Montreal.

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