Our ESG Commitment: Because Values Matter.

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Metro Optic seeks to continuously improve the way we run our company. This includes our impact on the Environment, the Social responsibility to our broader community, and good Governance.

Environmental Impact

We build and manage telecommunication networks for a variety of commercial and government entities.
When building networks we aim to minimize the environmental impact of our telecommunication infrastructure by deploying various methods, including:

• We predominantly bury the telecom cable system underground (vs. aerial attachments) to minimize the visual impact and not obstruct or disturb the above ground environment.

• By doing so, we excavate the earth, bury the cable and restore the earth to its previous condition immediately.

• We use environmentally friendly materials for the fiber cable and the duct system which are manufactured according to ISO and other recognized manufacturing and sustainability standards. These materials can resist many environmental impacts and risks, sustain themselves for decades and are not harmful to the soil or the air surrounding them.

• We deploy ILA huts and other network points-of-presence (PoP) to host telecom equipment and regenerate telecom signals over long distances. These PoPs or ILA huts are designed for utmost resilience and safety while following ISO and similar quality standards. They are also designed to minimize electric consumption for powering and cooling the IT and telecom equipment.

When managing our telecom infrastructure we strive to source energy from the cleanest power-generating sources. All of our infrastructure deployed to date is powered by clean hydro energy.

Social Responsibility

Diversity and Inclusion

Metro Optic is proud to embrace diversity within our small but highly specialized team of approximately 20 people.

We actively seek and celebrate diversity in hiring practices, recognizing the strength that varied perspectives bring to our ability to create a more invigorating work environment and serve our customers better.

Employee Well-Being

Employee well-being is a cornerstone of our company culture. Despite our size, we provide comprehensive benefits, fostering a healthy work environment. We prioritize work-life balance through flexible scheduling and remote work options, ensuring the well-being of our dedicated team.

Joint commitment

We value open communication with stakeholders, including employees, clients, and partners. Regular team meetings and feedback sessions contribute to a collaborative and inclusive work environment.

Client feedback is actively sought, enabling us to enhance our services and meet the evolving needs of our clientele.

Metro Optic is emphasizing the importance of diversity, employee well-being, and stakeholder engagement within the specialized field of telecommunications.

Good governance

Our commitment to strong corporate governance is fundamental to our business operations. We have implemented robust governance structures to ensure transparency, accountability, and ethical decision-making throughout our organization. We actively engage with our stakeholders, their feedback is integral to our decision-making processes, and we strive to address their concerns responsibly. Our leadership team is composed of experienced individuals with diverse backgrounds and skills.

The foundation of our approach to equitable compensation is comprehensive and designed so that employees performing comparable jobs are compensated similarly, supporting internal equity and fairness, while recognizing differences in experience, performance and contribution. Our executive compensation practices are designed to align with long-term sustainable growth and shareholder values.

Looking ahead, we are committed to continuous improvement of our ESG practices and further explore how Metro Optic can contribute to creating a better world.