Meet The Team: Sirena Baudin

16 February 2024

1. What is your favorite aspect of Metro Optic?

What I love about Metro Optic is undeniably the richness of its human resources. Every day, working alongside people who are passionate and expert in their field inspires me to give my best in fulfilling my missions.

2. What interested you in the telecom industry?

Observing the rapid evolution of technology and the continuous advances in telecommunications has captivated my interest. The new opportunities that regularly emerge in this dynamic field are a constant source of inspiration. Being involved in a sector that shapes our global connectivity and drives digital transformation motivates me to contribute to this ever-changing environment. It's this dynamic and the opportunity to contribute to progress that makes the telecoms field so captivating for me.

3. What makes Metro Optic unique in the telecom industry?

What sets us apart in the telecom industry is our unique background and strategic positioning. Originally specialized in large-scale connectivity, we built fiber optic networks for major providers. However, recognizing changing needs, we have chosen to refocus our expertise on the enterprise, offering a new generation of fiber optics.

Our strength lies in our global relationships with major industry players, as well as in managing our own fiber optic network and dedicated internet, ensuring reliable, high-performance connectivity for our customers.

4. How do you see your career in telecoms developing?

As a young professional working in the telecommunications industry, my aspiration is to continually develop my skills and deepen my understanding of emerging technologies. My background motivates me to stay at the forefront of advances in this constantly evolving field. I'm passionate about supporting innovative companies.

My commitment to excellence and my interest in connectivity make me determined to play a significant role in shaping the telecommunications landscape.